Commercial Applications

commthumbSGO Designer Glass proudly furnishes various styles and techniques of custom architectural decorative glass for your business.  From large commercial projects that will be seen by millions, to intimate pieces that beautify the office.  Our mission never waver; always beautiful, always on time and always on budget.

Every piece of our work is customized to ensure that your design complements not only the space it occupies, but also the specific fixture into which it will be installed.  The level of flexibility is a result of the wonderful spectrum of colors, techniques, finishes, and looks we make available.  We will pair your needs with the best decorative glass solution for the project.

 Our commercial product offerings include:

UltraGlas Slumped Glass - UltraGlas® is embossed, kiln-formed art glass for virtually all architectural applications. The creators of UltraGlas® are leaders in their field, and are responsible for pioneering , developing and evolving kiln-formed glass technology.

Stained Glass Overlay - The Stained Glass Overlay product utilizes a unique process combining multiple materials (glass, lead, multi-layered polyester film, bevels, jewels, etc.) to form a solid piece of decorative art glass. The finished product has the look and feel of traditional stained glass, but with the strength and integrity of a solid piece of safety glass. Each piece is custom designed to meet the needs and desires of our individual customers and can be installed over, or in place of, existing glass. With over 300 colors and textures available and complete design flexibility, Stained Glass Overlay is a great solution for a wide range of decorative glass applications.

DecoTherm Ceramic Frit - DecoTherm is fast, easy, and affordable. It is made with a ceramic frit technique to create permanent and highly detailed images. Unlike traditional sandblasting techniques, DecoTherm resists fingerprinting and is easily cleaned.

SentryGlas Expressions - DuPont SentryGlas Expressions is a new decorative glass manufacturing concept made with digital inks and glass laminating. It consists of multilayered sandwiched glass, with a strong polymer interlayer for adhesion and strength.

Decorative Laminate Glass - Premier decorative laminate glass is a favorite of the Architectural and Design Community. Laminate glass is manufactured by encapsulating a decorative interlayer between two or more layers of adhesive and two or more panes of glass. Proprietary technology and dedicated equipment insures a permanent bond.

Window Film - SGO Designer Glass offers you a wide selection of professionally installed films that increase comfort, cut energy requirements, beautify windows, reduce fading and glare and improve safety. Architects, designers, builders and building managers depend on LLumar films for simple and cost-effective solutions to a whole assortment of window problems.

Tableaux Faux Iron - Tableaux designs provide the look of elegant wrought iron at a fraction of the cost and weight. Custom-built to fit any size or shape project, Tableaux offers flexible solutions fo those challenging projects such as arched or high, odd-shaped windows. Unlimited designs and a variety of finishes enhance any style decor from traditional to contemporary.

Textured Pattern Glass - SGO Designer Glass provides a wide range of textured pattern glass with applications including cabinet doors, shower enclosures, and residential and commercial architectural applications.

Carved Glass - Carving is different than etching in that carving removes some of the thickness of the glass creating a three dimensional product whereas etching is a roughing of the surface of the glass and the glass remains flat.



You will meet with us to discuss design ideas and share your thougths on details such as colors and installation options.  Our skilled design consultants will assist you in developing your ideas.  If appropriate, we will visit the structure where the glass is to be installed.  Alternatively, we are comfortable working from blueprints and renderings.

Production and Installation

Once we fully understand your needs, we will present you with a written project proposal.  When you accept the proposal, we manufacture your customized project to our exacting standards.  Then, we install your new decorative glass on time and with a minimum of disruption to your schedule.


To Request more information or to make an appointment, you may contact us by email or by phone. 

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